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TV Presenting Skills

Television Presenting Skills
This is an intensive and practical 6 day course with great emphasis placed on all learning taking place through practical exercises and actual addresses to camera. Whether you want to become a Presenter for a news based programme, a music chart show, a chat show or to host a quiz show, you will be shown all the relevant skills and techniques needed to enable you to become proficient in that role.

Advanced Course
This course is aimed at those who have already done the AMP Television Presenting Skills course, or those who already have previous practical experience and knowledge of Television Presenting. The emphasis will be to build on the existing skills you have and introduce you to other technical and creative areas of expertise. On this course you will research an idea, create a list of questions, and to conduct interviews with your interviewees in a studio environment as well as on location. Time will be given to the individual's needs and to look at addressing their future prospects, career paths and training needs.

Bespoke One to One Training
The opportunity to create a tailor made course for individuals can be arranged with AMP. Emphasis on this one day course will focus on close analysis of work the individual has already done with feedback on the individual's delivery of speech, visual presentation, personal deportment, dress code, ways of defining the screen persona of the individual and looking to enhance future prospects.

On the course you will:

  • work closely with professional trainers
  • work with a professional camera crew
  • write your own scripts and spend much time in front of camera
  • do location work
  • work in a studio set up for chroma with a teleprompter * (This only applies to the Television Presenting Skills course.)


  • you get a dvd copy of all your scripted work
  • you gain confidence, self-belief and tangible technical and creative skills
  • you get an Almeida Media Production Certificate
  • you can get a professionally edited show-reel at a cost separate to the course fees.

Please speak to Course Assistant Sharanya if you are interested in this service. This is separate from the dv copy of the performances you do on the course.

AMP courses will be held in the Nariman Point area. All information on course fees, start dates and venues are available on application.

Future video course titles and dates are being planned, so keep a look out for them.

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Almeida Media Productions

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